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   If you are a homeowner in the Berkeley Estates / Forest Park subdivision, you are a member of the Association. Residents also make up the Board of Trustees and various committees. Have you ever driven or walked around the neighborhood and asked, "Who maintains the commmon islands and entrace ways?" The answer is ALL the residents through the assessment of the annual maintenance fee. We need all residents to participate. Property values are maintained in part by the attention to the condition of the common areas. Some funds are used to print the newsletter delivered to your door by volunteers. We believe that everyone benefits from the work of the Association and you are best represented by getting involved.
   The Association meets on a regular basis every 3 months (typically the third Tuesday) at the Porter Public Library at 7:30pm. The meeting lasts no longer than 90 minutes. A variety of important topics are discussed that affect you. We urge you to attend a meeting. The newsletters indicate the next meeting date. Hope to see you there!
- Board of Trustees



Members: Be sure to check out our bulletin board, with forums for:
  • General Discussion
  • News & Events
  • For Sale
  • Help Wanted
  • Lost & Found
NOTE: To access the forums, users must verify their account with an administrator. Please come to the next assocation meeting or contact the webmaster for more information.

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Many homes in the neighborhood have been experiencing basement flooding. Here is some information provided by the city engineer:

Did You Know? It's the Law!

  • It is illegal to place anything in a mailbox without paying postage (per U.S.C. Title 18 §1725). Please place such mailings in storm doors.
  • It is illegal to park on city streets between 3:00am and 6:00am, facing the opposite direction of traffic, in front of a driveway, within 10 ft. of a fire hydrant, 20 ft. of a crosswalk, or 30 ft. of a stop sign.
  • Rubbish containers are not to be placed on the tree lawn prior to 6pm the evening before collection is scheduled. Containers must be removed from tree lawns within 24 after rubbish collection.
  • Within 24 hours after a snow storm, at least an 18 in. wide path must be cleared from public sidewalks.
  • Grass in lawns must be kept lower than 6 in. in height.
  • Curfews - Up to and including age 15: 11pm - 5am, ages 16 and 17: 1am - 5am
  • All garage/yard sales require a permit ($2 fee) from the city. Signs advertising the sale are only to placed on lot having the sale.
  • All dogs must be licensed and registered in Cuyahoga County. Unreasonably loud or frequent dog barking is considered a nuisance. Pets may only defecate on the property of their owners.


Sidewalk Walking Distances:

Inner Loop: 1.12 mi
Outer Loop: 1.20 mi

Berkeley Estates / Forest Park Homeowners Association - Westlake, Ohio